Canvassing Chickasaw Country


  • Java Your Way Through Chickasaw Country

    September 22, 2016

    Hi friends! Katie here. Fall is the time for changing leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and new seasons of your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows. While Oklahoma always feels the need to cling to summer a little longer, the reality is that today is the first day of fall! To commemorate this ...

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  • A Wild, Western Weekend

    September 14, 2016

    Hi friends! Katie here. It’s a first for Chickasaw Country. It’s a first for Oklahoma. What is it, you ask? It’s the Wild Bunch Film Festival! A film festival dedicated to the western genre, taking place from Sept. 23–25 in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. A first ...

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  • A Rivalry Renewed

    September 8, 2016

    Nine miles.  That’s all it takes to divide Murray County, Oklahoma each September. Once a year the distant Arbuckles tremble with the intensity of a feud that has raged with passion for generations, and it’s known by three words. Murray County Bedlam. Sons, fathers, uncles ...

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  • Capturing the Hashi

    August 25, 2016

    Hi friends! Katie here. We’ve been all about the Hashi this summer. From chasing the hashi, to soaking it up, we’ve been encouraging you to get out and enjoy what Chickasaw Country has to offer. As part of our Hashi summer, we recently held a contest ...

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  • Happy Birthday to You, National Park Service!

    August 11, 2016

    Hi friends! Katie here! It’s a big month for the National Park Service! This month on Aug. 25, the National Park Service will celebrate its centennial. For 100 years, the NPS has given many people the opportunity to get outside, enjoy the beautiful landscape and explore this great land of ...

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  • Watermelon: Salt or No Salt?

    August 10, 2016

    Hi friends! Katie here. Before I ever moved to Oklahoma, I knew about the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. I’m not sure how I found out about the festival—maybe my dad, maybe a news article—but what I did know was it’s one of ...

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  • Back in the Saddle Again

    August 3, 2016

    Hi, friends! Katie here! About 20 minutes north of Ardmore sits one of Chickasaw Country’s most unassuming towns. Home to two churches, about 160 people and Sonny’s Grill and Country Store is Gene Autry, Oklahoma. If you take a few windy roads and head up a hill, you&...

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  • Flavors of Chickasaw Country: Edamame Sushi

    August 1, 2016

    Jared here and it’s time for another edition of Flavors of Chickasaw Country! When I found out about our next stop, admittedly I had to do a little research. A non-traditional Oklahoma fare, this restaurant brings Japanese cuisine to Ardmore with an American twist. Enter Edamame Sushi. This ...

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  • 110 Things I Love About The Artesian

    August 1, 2016

    Hey guys, Katie here! I just want to introduce our guest blogger from The Artesian Hotel, Casino & Spa, Candice. In honor of the 110th anniversary of the original Artesian Hotel and the 3rd anniversary of the current Artesian, she's here to tell you what she enjoys about ...

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I'm Katie, a native Texan living in the heart of Oklahoma. Armed with my travel gear, I'm ready to take you on the adventure that is Chickasaw Country. Here we go!

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