Home Decor & Cafe

Shop at Home Decor & Cafe on your next visit to Tishomingo! Home Decor & Cafe offers a variety of home goods, gift items, seasonal decorations, customized gifts and more. You won't be able to resist the smell of delicious homemade baked goods once you step inside, so grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a mouth watering dessert to treat yourself while browsing the store. 

209 W. Main Street
Tishomingo, OK 73460

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  1. Chickasaw Bank Museum

    Tishomingo, OK

     Plan a Historical Visit to the Chickasaw Bank Museum! The Bank of the Chickasaw Nation opened in 1901 and came to ruin in 1909 when a cashier and part owner absconded with the money (around $40,000) and was never caught or brought to justice....
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  2. Chickasaw Nation Information Center

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      The Chickasaw Nation Information Center provides a unique selection of First American artwork, books and publications, jewelry, Chickasaw Country souvenirs and novelty items such as Tishomingo or Made in Oklahoma products. Guests are...
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  3. Chickasaw Council House Museum

    Tishomingo, OK

    The first Chickasaw Capitol House built in Indian Territory is preserved inside the museum along with a beautiful collection of pottery, jewelry, beadwork, artifacts, Chickasaw artwork and archives. The Chickasaw Council House Museum is located...
    0.2 miles from Home Decor & Cafe