Wild Horses and Burros


I guess because we’re new friends you wouldn’t know I love horses, but I do. There’s just something majestic about horses that keeps me – and a large percentage of the female population – fascinated with their existence.

The hardest thing about my new job as a travel blogger is that I get to pick where and when I want to explore something. It’s like being in a candy store when someone says you have unlimited access to anything in the store – where do you start?

Monday I was researching possible attractions and read that adoptions are held the second Tuesday of each month. It was meant to be.


The folks at the adoption center gave me the DL on the wild horses and burros. This may get a little technical but bare with me. The Wild-Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 gave the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Agriculture’s Forest Service the authority to manage, protect and control wild horses and burros on the nation’s public lands in order to ensure healthy herds and healthy rangelands.

What this means – when the land can’t support the number of wild horses and burros the excess animals are offered for adoption to qualified applicants.


This is Sutton. She’s my official horse-crush and I want to take her home. Unfortunately, my urban setting doesn’t meet the requirements for adoption.

So, I’ll just gaze at my computer screen hoping that someday I’ll move to the country, rock in my rocking chair on the front porch and see a beauty like Sutton in the pasture.


If you’re interested in adopting a wild horse or burro you can visit the National Wild Horse and Burro Program website.

How incredible is it that can adopt a living legacy of the American heritage?

The good news is that even though I know I can’t adopt a cute little burro – I still got to look around. You can stop by anytime, too!


From the viewing area you can view the horses. Bet you didn’t think I could be anymore obvious.

Are you a fan of horses? What do love most about them?

Need more information on horse and burro adoptions? I have the hook up!



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