Portraits of Elders

Art and history lovers near and far are invited to the Portraits of Elders art exhibition at the Chickasaw Cultural Center’s Aapisa’ Art Gallery in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Guests are able to see original portraits painted by the world-renowned Chickasaw artist, Mike Larsen. This exhibition features 20 of the 48 original elder portraits.

Noted by the award-winning Larsen as one of his greatest achievements, the Chickasaw elder paintings were published in a two-book series by the Chickasaw Press – They Know Who They Are and Proud to Be Chickasaw. Together, the volumes feature the portraits of almost 50 Chickasaw elders painted by Larsen and each is accompanied by a short biography written by Martha Larsen and Jeannie Barbour.

Additional portraits remain on display throughout the year in the Holisso: The Center for Study of Chickasaw History and Culture.

Portraits of Elders is on display daily through December 31, 2019 during regular Cultural Center hours.  For more information on their scheduled hours please visit provided link.

Chickasaw Cultural Center
867 Cooper Memorial Rd.
Sulphur, OK 73086