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What's All the Buzz About? Chickasaw Country's Ross Honey Company

Across Chickasaw Country, local businesses built on old-fashioned values continue to thrive today. Ross Honey Company is one such example. Purchased by the Ross family in 1946 with the vision of establishing a family-owned business in what’s sometimes known as “The Land of Milk and Honey.” Today, Ross Honey Company continues to support a family and a community after 73 years of producing the sweet golden liquid we can’t imagine our biscuits, fried chicken, or tea without!

Jimmy Ross of Ross Honey Co.


With this foundation built on solid relationships and family values, the company has flourished to the present day, with Jimmy Ross now at the helm. Known to the local community as a humble business leader and vital part of the community, he greets every person who enters Ross Honey with a smile and a firm handshake. Known today as a top regional producer, Ross Honey Company honey bears and bottles can be purchased in several states and across Oklahoma.

When we met with Jimmy, we had the privilege of learning a bit about the history of Ross Honey and getting a sneak peek of the honey production process. Still using machinery from the original purchase in the 1940s, Ross Honey Company’s techniques are tried and true. Ross Honey is still using the 5-step purification process used for decades at their facility: 

  1. First comes the Honey Uncapper: a contraption operated by a staff member to separate the honey from the honeycomb. If you’ve ever had honeycomb before, you know what a treat it is! Here, we’re just focused on getting as much honey as possible separated from the comb for production.
  2. The honey is then placed into an extractor and pushed through, to extract any impurities and start the process of refining the honey.

    honey extractor


  3. It will flow from the extractor at high speed into a large tank for compressed storage. Fun fact: these tanks used at Ross Honey Co. were refurbished from a Navy Seal ship!
  4. After the honey is stored it will visit one last filtration system where the wax and honey are separated. As it is separated the wax will float to the top and be removed.
  5. The raw honey then flows into a large milk tank that holds up to 850 gallons (or 10,200 pounds!) of honey to be stored and then bottled.

Bottled honey ready for sale

Available in bear, stick, or bottle form, you can even purchase a gallon container for only $55! And, knowing that you’re purchasing from a local business should make taking home a gallon of honey that much easier.

Life is pretty sweet all year round in Chickasaw Country, but especially so each December when Ross Honey holds the annual Minco Honey Festival. Held on the first Saturday of December, thousands of visitors can experience a tour of the farm, local history, and of course, a huge celebration of all things honey.

Ross Honey Farms has offered over 70 years of Sweet Pure Honey that always hits the sweet spot. Next time you’re in town, pick up bottle of Chickasaw Country’s own Ross Pure Clover Bloom Honey.



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