Use your vacation days!


Close your eyes and imagine. It’s a Monday afternoon, but instead of being stuck in your office wishing for the day to go by quickly, you are relaxing at the Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel in Sulphur. Sounds like a dream, right? 

What about this, it’s Tuesday and you are on a boat at Lake Murray State Park fishing for the biggest Bass around.

Then, on  Wednesday you are being adventurous zip lining at the 777 Zip at Turner Falls.

Come Thursday you are practicing your golf swing WinStar Golf.

And, finally, it’s Friday and you are eating and listening to live music at Ole Red in Tishomingo.


Okay, okay. This sounds like the life, right?! But how can you have this much fun when you have deadlines and work projects that you have to complete? Let me tell you! By dedicating time to plan your vacations at the beginning of the year, you are more likely to use all of your vacation days. Whether you take a day, or a week, plan your days off! You deserve it!

Not taking vacation days is a problem. Oklahoma ranks as the fifth worst state in the nation for not taking all PTO days. YIKES! Americans are losing 22 million vacation days each year, and we could be spending the days hiking at Turner Falls, visiting the ARTesian Art Gallery, jumping at Urban Air Park, or shopping in Ada, but instead Oklahomans are choosing to be stuck at work.  

So how do we change this problem? On Jan. 30, National Plan a Vacation Day, pull out your calendar, and plan the days you plan to take off from work in 2018! I’m right there with you! I didn’t use all of my vacation days in 2017, but I’m going to this year! Because when you take time off from work, it’s leads to a happier, healthier, more creative and more productive life! Who doesn’t want that?!

Watch this video to find out more about Project: Time Off and National Plan for Vacation Day:


Inspired? I am too!

Join in on the fun with me! And guess what? You could win a free vacation! That’s right. Fill out this entry form for a chance to win a FREE vacation to the Artesian, WinStar World Casino or Lake Murray State Park!

As always, while you are out and about vacationing in Chickasaw Country, tag us in all of your photos using #routecc.


Get to planning friends,



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