Three Sisters Spring Festival

Sigh. Spring Break is here. That means the Three Sisters Celebration is almost here!  

Who are the “Three Sisters”? You’ll just have to show up to find out! Kidding.

This festival celebrates the “Three Sisters,” also known as corn, beans and squash. In an ancient method of gardening, corn, beans and squash grow simultaneously providing long-term soil fertility.

During the festival, horticulture-related activities will be offered and cultural demonstrations will take place in the traditional village.

As a parent, what more could you want for this spring break? A day out of the house and educational activities for the kids? Don’t worry – I’ll sign you up. 


Visit the events page for the lineup of fun for the rest of spring break. There’s big days planned at the festival on March 16-24, so grab the kiddos and head to Sulphur! Over & Out.



(Originally published on March 21, 2013. Updated on March 5, 2019.)


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