The Spice & Tea Exchange


Are you looking to add some spice to your life? Then you are in luck! I have found the perfect store for you to visit next time you are in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The Spice & Tea Exchange is the newest addition to the shops at The Artesian Hotel, and if you ask me, this store adds the perfect balance to the shopping you find in Sulphur.


When you walk in, the warm spices dance around your nose. It’s hard to decide where to begin. I love to bake, so anything that can kick my cookie up a notch is what I am looking for. My husband, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about baking. He is a man who loves to grill. You could say he lives for summer simply because it’s grilling season!


If your family loves to cookout, too, you should check out all of their different seasonings to make your cookout a stand out! How about smoked bacon sea salt? Doesn’t that sound divine? To me, bacon is always the answer when it comes to a salty and savory snack. It just doesn’t get any better! Here is a side dish idea: grill up sweet corn, butter it, sprinkle on the salt, cheese, and chives—there you have it! That sounds like an awesome creation to me.

Growing up, my family had a cattle ranch, so we always had beef for dinner. On rare occasions my Nana would host a big chicken fry. Nowadays, I am trying to eat more chicken. The problem with chicken—it’s dry and boring. The Spice & Tea Exchange has solved that problem with their “Crazy Chicken” seasoning. This stuff is all of the rage; their social media fans are crazy about it. I am going to have to grab a couple of packets next time I am there.


Not the baking or cooking type? That’s okay there is something for you too! They have a wonderful selection of tea. I love taking an afternoon break and enjoying a glass of tea (hot in the winter and cold during the summer). Tea is so refreshing, and I also find it calming. Anyone want to have a tea party? I’ll bring the baked goods!

Wanna add some spice to your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed? I suggest you follow them on social media to keep up to date with all things spicy! Here is the best part: The Spice & Tea Exchange has a blog! They post recipes and how-to tips to make your meals and baked goods turn out to perfection! Don’t worry; I’ll make sure to add them to my Pinterest board!



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