The Rustic Rose


There are a few things that I am good at in life, and shopping is one of them! You would think I have some sort of radar alarming me of new boutiques in the area. And that alarm was ringing when I approached Blanchard, Oklahoma! I have found the cutest new boutique on Main Street. Open up Google Maps and start planning your road trip now. You will thank me later!


This little boutique is loaded with unique and sassy t-shirts, and they will make you laugh out loud! I am a country girl myself, so I can relate to some of the unique sayings you will find throughout the store. If you like things with a little bling, then you are in luck! The Rustic Rose believes that bling makes everything better! See what I am talking about?


I am always on the lookout for unique jewelry. When you stumble across a store that offers customizable jewelry, it’s like hitting the lottery! This boutique is loaded with a ton of jewels for you to choose from. You are sure to find something that reflects your personality.


The Rustic Rose also has a great selection of home décor items. There are cool signs, crosses, candles, and soap. You can find just what you are looking for or the perfect gift for a friend.


Have you ever heard of a Dammit Dolls? If you haven’t, make sure to ask the girls all about it. They have a cool story behind them and have a ton of different patterns for you to choose from. Whenever things don’t go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, just grab your Dammit Doll! Move over stress relief ball, there is a new doll in town!


If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion and trends, make sure to follow The Rustic Rose on Facebook for updates. If you make a visit to The Rustic Rose, let me know what you find! Have a safe road trip and happy shopping.



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