The Hunt Is On In Chickasaw Country!

A cool, thick blanket of fog lies low in a pecan bottom. The sun has yet to waken from its slumber.

The calm serenity of an uninterrupted morning is broken by the snap of a twig beneath the rubber sole of your duck boots. Sloshing through the muddy bottom, you’re searching for that ideal spot to track your trophy. A chill in the air. Steam rising from your thermos. This just feels right.

Welcome to hunting season in Oklahoma.

Oct. 1 marks opening day for some of Oklahoma’s most popular hunting seasons and Chickasaw Country boasts an abundance of spots perfect for finding your next trophy. Check out a few of my favorites!


Wildcat Springs Ranch

Located just outside of historic Stonewall, Oklahoma, Wildcat Springs Ranch offers more than 7,700 acres of roaming land for Oklahoma native wildlife and African exotics alike. You’ll find Rocky Mountain elk, zebra, bison, African Watusi and more, with a hunting package tailored to fit your budget.


Pennington Creek Hunting Club

Headed south on Highway 1, you’ll run into this massive 9,400 acre ranch just outside of Mill Creek, Oklahoma. Located on the banks of (you guessed it) Pennington Creek, you’ll have the opportunity to bag that trophy whitetail, hog or turkey you’ve always dreamed of.


Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp

How does a wild boar barbecue sound? Shiloh Ranch offers you the opportunity to harvest a Russian-style feral hog on this private land nestled in the beautiful foothills of the Arbuckle Mountains.


Addison Ranch

You’ll find some of the best whitetail hunting in the state on the banks of the Red River, just west of Marietta, Oklahoma. Addison Ranch offers a variety of hunts including turkey, feral hog and duck hunts, but they’re known for their monster whitetails.

In a state known for its impressive wildlife, Chickasaw Country is proud to offer some of the best guided and non-guided hunts in Oklahoma. Where’s your favorite spot to hunt? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter! Got a photo of your favorite trophy? Show us on Instagram by tagging us with the hashtag #RouteCC! Until next time, happy hunting!


- Jared



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