Ten Star Pizza Kitchen

When visiting a town, I’m always looking for the place the locals have on their radar. This shows two things; first, it’s the place to be, second, it must be good.

Realizing Oklahoma is famous for barbecue, sometimes a girl needs a slice of pizza to mark lunch off as a success.

This locally owned pizzeria, Ten Star Pizza Kitchen, located in the downtown district of Ardmore, Okla. fits the bill as adorable and delicious.


The decor is shabby chic meets rustic charm. As a female, the atmosphere means almost as much as the food itself and this place hits it out of the park.

Upon devouring the lunch special (personal one topping pizza) I realized I not only cleared my plate in record speed, but I also forgot to capture a photo of my plate!

This obviously means I’ll have to make another trip to Ten Star to re-do my visit.


Which is fine, because I could really spring for a frozen yogurt.

Anyone want to make a lunch trip with me? Bueller? Bueller?




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