Superheroes invade Pauls Valley

Pauls Valley, Okla., is known for festivals, barbecue, noodling and on Saturday superheroes made the list. By now you may have heard about International Superhero Day hosted by the Toy and Action Figure Museum. It’s a real thing I tell you.

I’ve always wanted to a superhero. Doesn’t everyone? Original superheroes were needed in Pauls Valley to set a new Guinness World Record, and I was ready to answer the call.

New world record? Why yes! How delightful for me to have motivation to rise from a peaceful slumber on a Saturday morning knowing that not only was I going to be a superhero for the day, but also be a part of a world record.

The call for original superheroes meant I had free range to create a superhero any way I saw fit. Clearly, this meant a tutu.

The night before, my living room became what I can only describe as a real life Pinterest party. Drawing from my favorite superhero, Wonder Woman, I fashioned a head piece, bedazzled a tank top and made a tutu.

Superheroes came in various types, and the term “original” was an understatement. Fly Swatter and Flash Drive were two of my favorites.

To be completely honest, for a few minutes I stood in complete stunned-silence as I waited to get an official headshot. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a part of something so weird, yet awesome, when I became the travel writer for Chickasaw Country.

The streets paved with bricks and the boutiques lining Main Street were full of superheroes of all sizes. Giggles, as if on cue, echoed through the streets alluding to the small town magic magnified through superhero powers.

In character, superheroes gathered to officially set the world record. Some with smiles and others with solemn faces gazed toward the camera lifted above the highest building in the downtown district.

With a record set and a moment forever stopped in time, superheroes were left to wander the streets on a well-planned scavenger hunt.

I think Kevin Stark, curator of the Toy and Action Figure Museum, was bringing a childhood childhood dream of living in a town where superheroes could freely walk amongst the muggles to life. For a day, the dream of superheroes existing and interacting in the Valley became reality.

The Museum waived admission fees for the day, allowing children and parents to swoon over their favorite action figures. It’s a sacred moment when families can share a favorite memory of their childhood while creating new ones.

The possibilities for unique adventures in Chickasaw Country are endless. You just never know when a small-town museum can surpass every expectation and become truly remarkable. The Toy and Action Figure Museum is one of my utmost favorite attractions. You would be denying yourself if you didn’t make a visit.

Trip Planner Girl Bio:
Saving families from poorly-planned vacations and directing them to the millions of ways to play in Chickasaw Country has elevated Trip Planner Girls status to from travel writer to superhero. In her den, covertly located at the famous Wayne/Payne Exit, Trip Planner Girl creates custom itineraries complete with attractions, mouth-watering dining venues and educational museum tours. Once coupled with her super power (the ability to transport families with the curtsy of her magical tutu), her charismatic way with people is no match for the wary traveler. The tutu, once bathed in the powerful waters from the town of Sulphur, radiates the unknown magic lying below the grounds of Chickasaw Country. Trip Planner Girl promotes peace amongst families and the pursuit of educational and entertaining vacations.



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