Styles of Chickasaw Country: Marlow Mercantile

Hi friends! Katie here. 

When I moved into my apartment the first thought was "blank canvas". The walls were white, the carpet beige and white cabinets lined my kitchen walls. It was screaming for some color, creativity and a personal touch. I was up for the challenge. 

So you can imagine my joy when I walked into the Marlow Mercantile for the first time. Literally floors of home decor and knick knacks lining the walls. Every turn I took there was another piece that was calling my name. What's wonderful about the Marlow Mercantile is its combination of new and old, contemporary and antique, so it suits every taste. And with vendors who rent spaces within the store, you're sure to find new and eclectic items.

When I met the owner Leah Green I knew I was going to like her! She has such a wonderful personality and was clearly passionate and proud of her store but don't take my word for it. Meet Leah and check out Marlow Mercantile in our latest Styles of Chickasaw Country video! 

Didn't you love the variety and their cool, history-rich building? I know I did! Making the trip to Marlow to shop at the Marlow Mercantile is worth it. Maybe you'll leave with inspiration and pieces for your own home! 

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