Spitting Seeds in Rush Springs


Saturday I made a road trip to the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. This time last year, I was experiencing the festival for the very first time. If you want, read my recap on the blog. Enough about last year’s festival, let’s focus on what happened Saturday.


First and foremost, it wouldn’t be the Watermelon Festival without enjoying a slice of watermelon. As I stood in line watching them slice up the melon, I thought to myself, these gigantic slices are only $1?  I chose the one I wanted, sprinkled it with salt, and savored the sweet goodness! Let me tell you, it’s hard to enjoy a slice without getting a little messy. Also, if you have never experienced a Rush Springs watermelon, you need to put it on your bucket list. There is nothing like it!


So, I brought a friend along with me on Saturday. Everyone, say hello to Gina! She is my road trip sidekick, rap sing-along buddy, and puppy-loving friend! Gina had a bright idea; she thought I should enter the seed-spitting contest. I decided to test the waters while we were polishing off a slice of watermelon. If you want a good laugh, you should watch this Vine video. When was the last time you tried to spit a seed? It’s harder than you think, believe me!

I decided my spitting skills were not a complete embarrassment. So what the heck, I decided to enter the contest. If tiny tots can spit seeds with the best of them, surely I stood a chance, right? Boy, I was wrong!


Alright, here is how the seed-spitting contest goes down. The contest is broken into age groups and each contestant gets three seeds to spit. The judge records the furthest length that the contestant spits the seed.  I got up there and spit, spit, spit! Just like that, all of my seeds were gone and my record was six feet. That sounds far, right? Well, in the Rush Springs world—it’s not. A guy behind me had a seed that traveled 38 feet. Like what? Is that real? YES, that is very real!


Bottom line, start practicing now if you want to be crowned the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival Seed-Spitting Champion. I hope that you can attend this festival at least once, it holds a special place in my heart.

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