Simply Inspiring

Hi friends! Kalli here.

Have you ever wanted to feel inspired by your surroundings? I mean truly inspired in life? Well, we’re here to help you be inspired this year! Chickasaw Country’s motto, which I’ve adopted this year is “simply inspiring.” Doesn’t that sound amazing, yet so simple?

I’ll be sharing with you content each week that inspires us here at Chickasaw Country, and I hope that you’re inspired as well. But, before I let you go, I want to share a few places that I hope inspire me this year!

River adventures in Chickasaw Country Oklahoma

I want to be inspired to be adventurous! Chickasaw Country has two zipline places where I could be inspired to be adventurous! Anyone been to Air Donkey Zipline in Davis or 777 Zipline also in Davis? Share your stories and photos with me an inspire me to get out there!  

On that note, after an adventurous day, I want to be inspired to relax, and inspire you to relax as well!  Imagine being inspired by basking in the beauty of a sunrise and the birds chirping after staying at a bed and breakfast. What’s your favorite place for a peaceful and inspiring getaway?

I want to inspire to be involved locally by spending a Saturday at a local festival or catching a movie at the McSwain Theatre.

And I want to inspire to travel by spending an afternoon at a museum or exploring the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

I want all of this for you, too! I want you to live a life that’s AWESOME! I want you to be inspired, encouraged, excited and fired up about our beautiful state and the 13 counties in south-central Oklahoma that make up Chickasaw Country.

So, I’m here to help inspire you! I will be posting a photo of something inspiring each week throughout 2018, and I would love to have your input! If you know of something or someone inspiring let me know! Use #simplyinspring and continue to use #routecc to tell me what is inspiring in your community.

I can’t wait to hear what inspires you!




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