Rusty Nail Winery


Only minutes from the Chickasaw National Recreational Area and the Chickasaw Cultural Center, this is exactly the place to relax with friends while sipping on what I guarantee will be your new favorite wine.


Each wine boasts a uniquely designed label named after a shoe and featuring a rusty nail as a heel.

As a rural gone urban girl, my heart was pitter-pattering so loudly I almost had to excuse myself to regain my composure.

Tinkerbell was my pick of the day. Did the peep-toe, apple green pumps on the label have anything to do with my decision? Mum is the word.


If the Rusty Nail is trying to target twenty-something females who love shoes, wine, bistro foods and quality time with friends, then it’s apparent why my face lights up like the Griswold’s Christmas tree when my travel plans take me anywhere near downtown Sulphur.

Although I was only here for an hour or so, I was able to sample a few wines and start planning events in my head. That is what girls do, right?

I did see a few items I wouldn’t mind receiving as presents, too. Did you hear that guys? This is a one-stop-shop for the ladies in your life. Pick up a bottle of wine and a few gift items.

Insider Information: If you sign up for the Rusty Fan Club you will receive a newsletter about special events like football watch parties and tasting classes. Also, don’t forget to pick up a Rusty Punch Card! With each bottle of wine you purchase you will receive a stamp. With 10 stamps you can take home a free bottle of wine!


I just belong here. It’s my happy place. I’d be your Cinderella if you took me with you on your next excursion to the Rusty Nail. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow that I’ll not only be on my best behavior, but I’ll also be witty, clever and entertaining.


You should go this weekend. If you’re already booked with lake plans follow them on Facebook and Twitter, but be warned following them with social media will lead to daydreams of shoes and wine, which can be a dangerous combination.



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