Watermelon Festival in Rush Springs


My husband and I have lived in Oklahoma for most of our lives,  but we grew up in different areas. I am a 918 girl from Green Country, and Jered is a 405 boy from southwest Oklahoma. We are always exploring different things in Oklahoma; we love small towns with big charm. This past weekend, he got to share one of his favorite summertime festivals with me—the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival.

Saturday, we celebrated the 69th annual Rush Springs Watermelon Festival with over 30,000 other people looking forward to their personal slice of watermelon. The weather was phenomenal with bright sunshine, highs in the mid 80s and a light wind – perfect conditions for an outdoor celebration!


More than 60,000 pounds of watermelon were devoured on Saturday. Don’t kid yourself, I was in on the action. For just $1, I was a happy girl with a huge slice of watermelon. But as a veteran festival attendee, Jered let me in on a little secret – salt! Trust me on this, guys – sprinkle salt over the top of your watermelon slice for a taste bud surprise! 

I guess we drew some attention by trying to eat our watermelon with just one plastic spoon because we made a couple friends. A couple from Oklahoma City took notes from the festival last year and came prepared stocked with paper towels and their own silverware. They were so kind to lend us a spoon. With the help of our new friends, we were able to devour our watermelon slice in record time.


Did you know you can make beautiful art from watermelon? Yeah, I didn’t know that either. The picture above is a beautiful creation carved from a watermelon. I know I couldn’t make this if my life depended on it. Whoever created this masterpiece sure has skills.


The most exciting part of the festival was checking out the prized melons. My favorite category was the largest watermelon. Get this – the winning melon weighed in at a whopping 163 pounds! That’s huge! I don’t know if I could even lift that—it’s bigger than I am.

I am serious when I say this—the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival is a must see. If you have not experienced this awesome event, you need to make it happen next year. I promise, it will not disappoint.  This is the best festival that I have attended all year long!



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