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River of Love Cabins

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think, "I feel like camping, but not real camping." Seriously. This is what happened to me last week.
Fortunately, knew someone who knew someone and found myself 15 miles north of Thackerville at the River of Love Cabins.

I already know what you’re thinking. "Her job is awesome."



But, if I didn’t have a wonderful job experiencing and exploring Chickasaw Country, how could I ever let you know about it?

How would I let you know about drinking coffee in my rocking chair watching the rain fall?


My first thought about the River of Love Cabins: "River of Love? I’ll be staying there alone… is that weird?" Then I realized it was in Love County. I didn’t feel quite so awkward any longer.

There are two ways this could go:
1) I could tell you about how you should book this cabin (or any of them) for a romantic getaway where you can spend much needed quality time with your significant other, which would be true.
2.) We can talk about how funny it was when I realized there wasn’t any reception in my amazing cabin, and I hiked up a mountain muttering "Can you hear me now?" to my mom who was quite certain I was starring in my own version of a horror film.

Moms just worry, friends.


Like many of you, I’m connected to technology around-the-clock. Honestly, I would like to tell you that I handled lack of access to Twitter, Facebook and texting like a pro, but that just wasn’t the case, at first.

For the record, coaxing your iPhone to get more bars doesn’t work, even if you talk nicely.


Without technology, I was forced to enjoy my secluded-yet-still-conveniently-close-to-everything evening.

It was wonderful.


Each of the cabins located on the 60 acres of privately-owned land was hand-crafted by the lovely family owning the River of Love Cabins and looks as though it came straight out of an old movie. Except for the king- size bed, Jacuzzi tub and collection of movies.

From my view point, rustic camping and peaceful lodging were combined to create a perfect place to un-wind from the hustle of everyday life.


If you chose option 1 earlier, this post would probably take a different turn, but since I chose option 2 for you let’s discuss how you entertain yourself while "becoming one" with nature in a secluded cabin.

First, you pretend you’re Jeremiah Johnson and explore the woods. Check.
Second, you wish you knew how to fly-fish because there is, in fact, a spring-fed creek and Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma. He made it look so easy in A River Runs Through It.
Finally, take a nap.


It’s only fair to talk option 1 for a while. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, I found it for you. And, from the comments in the visitor’s book – there are a lot of happy customers.


It’s safe to say I was the only person not on a mini-vacay with my significant other, but I signed the book anyway. It was only right!


There’s one thing I must tell you about this specific cabin.

After the most peaceful night of sleep I’ve had in years (which should be completely contributed to the lack of notifications from my phone, rain falling quietly on the roof, and quite possibly that awesome dream catching hanging above the bed), I wanted to begin my day with a hot shower.

Except, the shower is outside, and it was cold and rainy.

I could completely see how this would be perfect if it were the middle of summer. But it wasn’t, and I’m just not that legit to shower outside in the rain.


If there are a Million Ways to Play in Chickasaw Country, I’d say there are about a half million ways to sleep, too. From the Caboose on the hill that has been magically transformed into the most incredible "cabin" to the Green Briar cabin that is a black hole for reception, the River of Love Cabins are officially on my Favorite Things in Chickasaw Country.

For information about booking your own trip at the River of Love Cabins - click here. You can also follow along with the River of Love Cabins on
Facebook and Twitter.




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