New York-Style Pizza in Chickasaw Country

Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods, so I was pumped to drive to Marlow to try incredible homemade New York-style pizza at DiCintio’s Pizza Cucina.

The owner, Brian DiCintio, grew up in New York City over his grandparent’s pizzeria. So, I know this place is legit! Inspired by growing up in NYC above his grandparent’s pizzeria, Brian has been perfecting pizzas for the past 30 years in Marlow.

I am definitely not a cook, but when Brian offered to teach me how to create his pizzas I said, “YES!” We started with rolling the pizza dough, and tossing it in the air! Here’s some pointers: Catch the pizza with your knuckles.  That way when you catch it, you don’t leave any holes. I’m still not exactly sure how to do this, but Brian is a pro.

Next, I got to put on all the toppings I wanted. I choose sauce, pepperoni, hamburger, and a lot of cheese! Brian and his team have spent six months perfecting the pizza dough, and let me tell you, six months of his time well spent! This dough was amazing!

After this I put the pizza in the oven and waited oh so patiently for the pizza to be ready!  The pizza was worth the wait and it definitely lived up to the hype!

If you want to see the delicious pizza for yourself, you’ll have to watch this video! Warning! After you watch it, you will be hungry!


Wasn’t that fun!  I think I still need to practice on my pizza throwing!

If you’re looking for amazing food, I suggest you make a stop in Marlow at DiCintio’s Pizza Cucina.  When you go, be sure to bring this coupon:  $3 off any large pizza during the month of June. Take a photo when you’re there and share on social media with the #routecc hashtag!

Pizza date soon?




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