Mud Creek BBQ | Ringling, Okla.

Oklahoma does a lot of things right: football, country music, NBA basketball and barbecue.

For you, rural folk, I would like to channel my inner FFA member for a second. I’d place this class of Oklahoma novelties, 4-1-3-2. In this top pair, I placed barbecue over football for the ability to speak to my food-loving soul…

Did I lose a few of you? Sorry, sometimes I’m a little too rural. Just keep reading…

Mud Creek BBQ, in Ringling, Okla., is a destination for travelers from across the country. Cooking award winning barbecue since 1984, Mud Creek BBQ slow cooks the old-fashioned way using only pecan wood and a lot of TLC.

Last week on my adventures through Chickasaw Country, I ended my day at shopping day in Ringling seeking good company and a full stomach.

You speak, and I listen. You (Facebook friends & twitter followers) told me this was the best place west of the Mississippi, and I heeded your advice.

The wind was sweeping through the plains as I opened the door to this outpost on highway 70. How that door is still in one piece is a miracle, honestly. I was welcomed by Mr. Bill Ritter, half of the husband wife duo who call Ringling home and pour their hearts and souls into this hometown barbecue venue.

Bill, Uncle Bill to most, showed me around the dining area boasting of state football championships, local heroes and the community that is beloved to so many.

Black and white portraits of the good old days line the walls. They foreshadow what is pure and innocent in this establishment.

I joined Bill and his son at a table, doting on every syllable of traveling the United States competing in barbecue competitions, local youth coming to the aid of community members and the pride of cheering for a state championship football team.

This is what I imagined would happen if my hometown of Perkins mated with Friday Night Lights. You’d have the definition of a perfect barbecue dining experience in Ringling, Okla.

My sample platter of ribs, pulled pork, sausage and a few sides was nothing short of illegal. Illegal? Yes, something this good must be illegal, right?

As a proud carnivore, I’ve had my fair share of barbecue in my lifetime. Speechless is about the only definition I can mutter about my experience, but that wouldn’t make for a fun post now would it?

This. Well, this is just awesome.

If you’re within a 50 miles radius of Ringling I strongly encourage you to visit. Actually, no. You should plan a trip specifically for this barbecue. It’s that good.

If you don’t believe me, check out the reviews on Urban Spoon.

But, you should believe me. If I haven’t led you astray by now I think my words is gold – or at least platinum.



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