Leaf-Peeping in Chickasaw Country

Get your cameras and hiking boots ready, it’s time for leaf peeping in Chickasaw Country! If you haven’t heard of leaf-peeping, it’s the trendy activity of traveling to view and photograph fall foliage during autumn. Leaf peeping isn’t just to see the great outdoors in its most flattering colors though - it’s also a great time to enjoy activities like horseback riding and hiking in the crisp fall air. Although south-central Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind for fall foliage, Chickasaw Country has some of the most gorgeous outdoor scenery in the region, with many areas boasting a hilly terrain that makes it the perfect place to chase those golds and ambers. Make the most of the season and check out our top leaf-peeping spots in south-central Oklahoma:

  1. Blue River

Blue River in Tishomingo, Oklahoma

This idyllic location is the best of both worlds: the stunning colors of fall and the tranquility of the water. The spring-fed Blue River in Tishomingo is home to an abundance of trout, crappie and blue catfish for fishing enthusiasts, but if fishing isn’t your thing, there are miles of nature paths and scenic spots to enjoy an afternoon stroll. We recommend taking a few hours to explore the Blue River in mid-November. Peak season is currently upon us, so plan your trip soon!

       2. Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Chickasaw National Recreation Area Oklahoma

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is an oasis of foliage, wildlife and more than 30 miles of trails that make for an outdoor enthusiast’s dream! You’ll want a full day to explore this south-central Oklahoma icon, giving you plenty of time to explore Bromide Hill, admire the falls at Little Niagara, and take in breathtaking views at Bison Viewpoint on Highway 177. If one day isn’t enough time, this national recreation area affectionately-known as the CNRA is one of our favorite places to spend the weekend.

     3. Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray State Park, Oklahoma

Fall foliage awaits in Oklahoma’s largest state park. Relax and disconnect in serene views of Lake Murray from Tucker Tower. Enjoy the lake’s peak foliage season in mid-November with 1,000 acres of intermediate trails to explore. Visitors can also visit the marina and wander around the lakeside, or go horseback riding to take in the tranquil backdrop of Lake Murray.

    4. Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park, Oklahoma

Grab your friends and jump in the car for 1,500 acres of falls, trails and caves to explore at Turner Falls Park. While spending a day or an afternoon finding the best spots for an afternoon shot, try the zipline at nearby 777 Zip or Air Donkey Zipline Adventures, or the Falls Creek scenic overlook to see Turner Falls from a different angle! Before you head home, be sure to visit Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies to try their limited-edition Dr. Pepper-flavored pie or a tried-and-true classic fruit flavor.

Make the most out of the season with a day trip to Chickasaw Country. We recommend planning your trip before Thanksgiving to see autumn leaves in all their glory. To help with your planning questions, here’s a handy map of cities & regions in Chickasaw Country for additional fun fall events, activities, and dining options.







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