Java Your Way Through Chickasaw Country

Hi friends! Katie here.

Fall is the time for changing leaves, pumpkin-flavored everything and new seasons of your favorite guilty pleasure TV shows. While Oklahoma always feels the need to cling to summer a little longer, the reality is that today is the first day of fall!

To commemorate this time of hope for cooler temperatures, shorter days and W’s for your favorite football team, I’m laying out where you can pick up the beverage that gives many people the little push to start their day - coffee. When fall temperatures arrive, it’s prime coffee drinking time.

Whether you’re an all the flavors and sugar with whipped cream topping, or if you’re a no frills, get down to business coffee drinker, Chickasaw Country can quench your caffeinated thirst.

Authentic Perks - Newcastle

This cute coffee shop is home to more than just a good cup of joe. Authentic Perks hosts fun events like concerts, workshops and the occasional food truck parked outside. They’re also really involved in the Newcastle community so snaps to them!

Bedré Café – Sulphur

A classic, this one is. Coffee, chocolate and a café with the cutest theme, you’ve got me hooked. I get the iced coffee with a hint of vanilla, refreshing yet and energizing. I know this is all about coffee but the milkshakes are yummy. Try one, too.

The Bearded Dog – Ardmore

This new to the neighborhood coffee shop is located in the heart of Ardmore on Main Street. A clash between rustic and urban, it’s sure to be a great place to grab a cup of coffee and chat with your friends. I hear you should try their signature drink the Iced Schnauzer.

Coffee-ville – Lindsay

If there ever was an oldie but goodie on this list, it’s Coffee-ville. This little shop has a pretty interesting history and has been home to other eateries before it became a coffee shop. I bet the owner, Jake, wouldn’t mind telling you a little bit more about the history and how Coffee-ville got its name. 

Hot Shots Coffee Shop – Ada

Hot Shots recently introduced its 20-ounce frappe. Twenty ounces of sweet caffeinated goodness! They also have a drink called the “Shelton Swirl” that’s a cheesecake latte topped with caramel and chocolate. Yum.

Crazy Eight Café – Chickasha

Crazy Eight Café is tucked in the back of the Historical Dixie Museum. It has ample space for you and your friends to sit down grab a cup of coffee from the coffee bar or a made to order drink with your soup of the day.

Perfect Blend Coffee House - Ada

This place is the perfect blend of all things great, coffee and the occasional open mic night. So grab a cup of your favorite brew and enjoy some homegrown tunes.

Grab your mug and perk up with a cup of coffee brewed right here in Chickasaw Country!

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