It’s our Birthday and We’ll Travel if We Want to

Hi friends! Katie here.

September is a special month. It’s the month where two seasons pass the baton, where lake days turn to days spent tailgating. It’s the start of fall TV shows, lookin’ at you Grey’s Anatomy. It’s the month where we hopefully see our utility bill decrease but what really makes September special is it’s the month Jared and I were born. You read that right, happy birthday to us! As if you needed any more reason to like the month of September.

To celebrate this month, we present to you just a few of our favorite stops for a perfect birthday celebration. Pssst…need to plan a birthday celebration, take my advice and visit these places!

Farm Girl Boutique in Ada: Can you say birthday money? Spending mine here. This Mom and Pop shop has clothes, jewelry, home accessories and the cutest window displays. They recently had a Farm Girl Fiesta and this cake. All the heart eyes! You can’t pass this shop up! Their Instagram is pretty dreamy, too.


Cake Image by Aubrey Lisa Photography, courtesy of Farm Girl Boutique 

Texoma “T” Striper Guide Service: Jared’s pick. A day on the lake is a day well spent. Even better? You’re fishing in the “Striper Capital of the World.” No big deal. With over 30 years of combined experience, the guides ensure you walk away with a brag-worthy birthday photo for Facebook.

Braum’s Family Farm: An Oklahoma staple and delicious ice cream. It’s a win-win! As one of the largest operating dairies in the world, you can expect to see some pretty cool things on their guided tours. And, it’s ice cream. Enough said.

The Views of Chickasaw Country: Jared and I both enjoy being behind the camera, snapping photos to share with you guys. Lucky for us, Chickasaw Country is never short of amazing places to capture photos! A few stops include the Arbuckle Mountain Scenic Turnouts in I-35, Bromide Hill Overlook in the Chickasaw Nation Recreation Area; you can even see The Artesian from there. Share your photos with us too! And, remember, use #RouteCC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bedré Chocolate: No explanation here. It’s Bedré Chocolate. Yummy. Plus it’s right next to the Chickasaw Nation Welcome Center and you can learn more about what to explore in Chickasaw Country and the endless possibilities for celebrating your own birthday!

While it’s always sad to see September go because of the special month it is, go forth and enjoy your birthday in Chickasaw Country, too.

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