How sweet it is - to eat a sandwich with you.

First, let me say a huge, “thank you,” for all the lovely comments, tweets and messages regarding Wednesday’s post about The Pink Pistol. To clear up a few items, I didn’t purchase the boots (although I really wish I would have), and the store is absolutely as incredible as you’ve imagined.

Tuesday was eventful for many reasons. For starters, my mom was given strict orders to direct us to a dining venue that had previously never been on my radar. Quite proud of my expanding horizons, I believed this feat to be too large to conquer.

However, she proved me wrong.

Wilson, a town of 1,500 residents, is home to The Sweetest Thing Sandwich Shop. From the exterior, the venue seems plain. I’m just being honest folks. With that said, I believe it adds to the character of the venue. Read as: My expectations were not high walking toward the double red doors.

Once inside, my mother’s facial expression turned into what I can only describe as an “I told you so” look. The modern-chic décor intertwined with throwback horse-track images and complimented the turquoise seating.

The staff was as friendly as though I had come bearing gifts. Too good to be true, I admitted.


Scrumptious defined the menu, which was surprisingly affordable. Affordable? Yes, actually. Pastas are listed at $6.99 taking the cake as most expensive. (You can find their full menu on their Facebook page)


At this point, we’ve been wooed by the décor, staff and pricing. Would it be too much to expect quality products? One would flirt with the idea it could be too good to be true.

My choice, the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap (pictured above), was knock-your-socks-off delicious. A victim of subpar wraps in the past, this wrap is taking the award for best wrap of my twenty-something years on this great earth.

All bacons are not created equal, and this bacon alone was enough to win my heart.

The next time you’re around Wilson (or near Ardmore and willing to take a slight detour) visit The Sweetest Thing Sandwich Shop ─ it’s been Brooke (and mom) approved.



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