Happy Birthday to You, National Park Service!

Hi friends! Katie here!

It’s a big month for the National Park Service! This month on Aug. 25, the National Park Service will celebrate its centennial. For 100 years, the NPS has given many people the opportunity to get outside, enjoy the beautiful landscape and explore this great land of ours.

The National Park located in Sulphur is something special to Chickasaw Country. Most know it as the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Jared and I recently made a stop at the CNRA to do a little exploring of our own and to celebrate all of the reasons why the CNRA is what it is today.

Check out our trip, and hopefully it’ll inspire you to create an adventure of your own.

So get out, go explore and you can join me at Americas National Parks 100th Birthday Ceremony on Thursday, Aug. 25, at the CNRA!




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