Four Types of Places You Need to Instagram Now

Let’s face it: we all want to be professional photographers. With technology always improving and social media becoming more and more prevalent, the need to show off our adventures is bigger than ever.  Besides, if you didn’t Instagram it, were you even there?

There are countless photo opportunities in Chickasaw Country. I’ve done the hard work of researching the most Instagrammable spots for you so you can get right out there and start getting more likes today!

Nature Photos

Chickasaw Country is blessed with some of the most visually appealing landscapes in the state and they are not wasted on subpar photography. Check these out!

Turner Falls

The state’s largest waterfall is one of the most Instagrammed spots in Chickasaw Country, and for good reason! Enter Turner Falls Park to get up-close and personal or take Highway 77 up to the top of the bluff for a bird’s-eye-view! 

Photo by Instagram user @aycas

Photo by Instagram user @aycas


Photo by Instagram user @puspektive


Chickasaw National Recreation Area

From tranquil waters to scenic overlooks, there’s no shortage of photogenic spots in Oklahoma’s oldest national park area.

Photo by Instagram user @courteney_hackworth


Photo by Instagram user @roam_on_the_range



It doesn’t matter where in Chickasaw Country you are, if it’s a clear evening then you’re in for a treat.

Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


Food Photos

What’s better than eating it? Taking photos of your food and posting to Instagram, of course!


Smokin’ Joes Rib Ranch

One of Oklahoma’s most renowned restaurants, there’s just something about a massive tray of meat…

Photo by Instagram user @odd_duck


Arbuckle Mountain Original Fried Pies

Just down the road from Smokin’ Joes and Turner Falls, these deep-fried delicacies are ideal hand-candy for that perfect selfie.

Photo by Instagram user @sarahwilling



The colors and textures of sushi are a perfect canvas for showing your followers how cultured you are.

Photo by Instagram user @raisingkason


Animal Photos

Arbuckle Wilderness Park

Looking for some one-on-one time with a llama or giraffe? This is the place for you… and your camera!

Photo by Instagram user @jnl7974


The Bison Pasture - CNRA

Experience America’s most regal animal, the bison, just off Highway 177 inside the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


The Ranch

Some of Chickasaw Country’s most exquisite wildlife graze among the various farms and ranches dotting the area. Just make sure you ask permission first!

Photo by Instagram user


Photo by Instagram user @irmgardgeul


Iconic Photos

Lake Murray

One of the most historically significant areas in Oklahoma, the landscape of Lake Murray is dominated by the stately Tucker Tower. It’s worth a visit, too!

Photo by Instagram user @ed2111


High School Football

Chickasaw Country and high school football go together like Blake Shelton and country music. There’s only one thing to do on Friday nights in the fall, and that’s just the way we like it.

Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry



If Chickasaw Country is known for anything, it’s our festivals. Whether it’s fruit or wildlife, if you give us a weekend to celebrate, dadgummit, we’re going to celebrate it!

Rush Springs Watermelon Festival. Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


Okie Noodling Festival. Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


Small Town Main Street

What’s more iconic than Main Street, America? Anthems are sung about it, poems are written about it and photos visualize the character and intrigue of these small town streets.

Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


Instagram photo by @ChickasawCountry


There you have it, the most Instagrammable places in Chickasaw Country! Katie and I want to see you out there photographing your adventures. In the words of one of America’s most revered photographers Ansel Adams, “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality itself.”

What’s your reality? Tag us in your photos with the hashtag #RouteCC and we might feature one of your photos! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we highlight some of the best photos in Chickasaw Country!


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