Flower Bluff Manor Dinner


Do me a favor; think about the last time you went out for a steak dinner. If you can’t remember, it’s been too long.  Now that you have steak on your mind, I will tell you about a wonderful dining experience I had.

Beef is the way to my heart. Growing up, steak dinners meant celebrating something special. Milestones, birthdays, you name it, and there was steak involved. Beef is what’s for dinner, y’all!


I have discovered I am not a master behind the grill, so I like to leave steak to the experts. I found the newest steakhouse in Chickasaw Country that you need to visit ASAP. Flower Bluff Manor is located in Sulphur, Oklahoma. It’s right across the street from The Jean Carr Gallery. Is your mouth watering yet? If not, keep reading, and it will be before this blog post is over!


The menu at Flower Bluff Steak House might seem small; however, they focus on what they do really well. Whatever you choose will be the right decision! I decided to start the meal with Baked Brie. It was baked to perfection, drizzled with honey and accompanied with nuts and dried fruit. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also delicious!


For the main course, I chose the nine-ounce sirloin prepared medium rare served with the raspberry bourbon sauce. Choosing sides was the hardest decision of the evening. Garlic-whipped potatoes and macaroni and cheese won my heart. Seriously, the whipped potatoes were as soft as a pillow! Speaking of pillows, I have had multiple dreams about this dinner since then.

Usually, when I go out for a steak dinner, I have leftovers to make steak and eggs for breakfast (this is the true breakfast of champions). This time was different. I didn’t have anything remaining on my plate. 


Drumroll, please! Are you ready for the best part? This romantic steak dinner for two was less than $100! Your eyes are not deceiving you. You read that correctly!

Pick an evening that you are free and make reservations. The seating is limited, so reservations are necessary to guarantee a spot. If it’s possible, try and save room for dessert. I was too full from my beloved dinner to experience their famous cheesecake, and for that, I am sad! You know what that means, another visit to Sulphur is in my future!



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