Doug's Peach Orchard

For those of you that might not know, each month we choose a different town in Chickasaw Country to feature in our newsletter, website and social media. This month’s featured town happens to be about as far southwest in Chickasaw Country as you can go before hitting the Texas border—Terral.

You can learn more about Terral by reading the featured town story here.

When I recently visited Terral, I stumbled upon a restaurant called Doug’s Peach Orchard. As you read that name you likely thought this place had peaches of some sort. Even though that’s not the case, you won’t be disappointed to learn what’s on their menu.

Doug’s Peach Orchard opened in 1948 and got the name from the plot of land it sits on, which used to be a peach orchard. Ever since their opening they’ve been known for their delicious catfish—which you definitely have to try!

After sitting down in a cozy booth, you might notice that their menu is limited, but what they do, they do well! From the catfish, steak fingers, shrimp and more, you can’t go wrong with any of it.

I, of course, ordered their specialty: catfish with homemade tartar sauce, pickles, onions and French fries.

Now doesn’t that look great? It definitely was! Doug’s has now been added to my list of favorite catfish spots in Chickasaw Country, and I highly recommend making the drive out to see them.




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