Cut loose in Elmore City, the original Footloose town


Most of you have seen the cult classic “Footloose” many times. I can quote the movie by heart, and if I were a better dancer I would be pulling off moves like I was dancing alongside Kevin Bacon. What most people don’t know is that this beloved movie is loosely based off of a small town right here in south-central Oklahoma.

In the town of Elmore City, OK, there was once a law making it illegal to dance in public. In the spring of 1980, a group of townspeople (and when I say townspeople, I mean high school students) banded together to make a change.


We had the privilege of interviewing Mary Ann Temple-Lee (the Student Council President of Elmore City High School at the time of the law), Leonard Coffee, (a class representative and Mary Ann’s high school boyfriend), and Raymond Temple, (Mary Ann’s dad and former Elmore City School Board President).

Trust me, you’re going to want to hit play and hear their story…

Wow! Isn’t that an inspiring story? Mary Ann acted with such grace and poise to all of those who had differing opinions.


Now it’s time for you to experience Elmore City in all of its Footloose glory. The annual Footloose Festival is happening on Saturday, April 20, 2019! You don’t want to miss the 5K color run, pancake breakfast, car show, lawnmower races, street dancing and vendors galore!


You better believe I’ll be cutting loose and dancing the “Footloose” dance. I hope you join me!



(Originally published on April 3, 2015. Updated on March 29, 2019.)


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