Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day 2022

Did you know that just one-quarter of Americans used all of their earned time off in 2021? With more and more people working from home these days, it’s important to unplug and take some time off throughout the year to recharge and relax. Take advantage of National Plan for Vacation Day and begin preparing for the ultimate getaway.

Set for January 25th, National Plan for Vacation Day is an annual day recognized by the U.S. Travel Association since 2015 that encourages Americans to plan their vacation at the beginning of the new year. After nearly two years of an ongoing pandemic, many of us are experiencing burnout and are ready to relax and reconnect. National Plan for Vacation Day is a great chance for travelers to look forward to brighter days and make preparations to use hard-earned time off for getaways, vacations or even staycations for the coming year.

Let Chickasaw Country help you get inspired and excited for your next trip to Oklahoma by providing you with a few tips to assist you in planning your next vacation in 2022.

Choose Your Destination

So you’ve been bit by the travel bug, but have no idea where you want to go. It’d be nice to be able to just get away, but you need to figure out your destination first. Choosing a destination can be overwhelming initially, but begin by taking into consideration factors such as your travel budget, the season and what kind of travel experience you want to have. Travel planning is as much about creating an experience as it is figuring out the details.

Set Dates and Request Off

Once you’ve decided on where your vacation spot will be, another key aspect of your trip planning is the duration of the trip. This can often depend on the destination as well as how much time you’re able to take off of work. Be sure to request time off from work in advance so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


Take advantage of all the resources at the close at hand. Use helpful tools such as our FREE 2022 Chickasaw Travel Guide to help you learn about First American culture, find the latest attractions, local places to stay, and give you some ideas of what you can expect when visiting Chickasaw Country.

Find Events and Activities

Each travel destination has its own unique local life to immerse yourself in, ours is no different. To get some inspiration for your upcoming plans, you can sign up for travel monthly newsletters to help you stay in the loop with upcoming events, new attractions, dining options and more. You can sign up for the Chickasaw Country Newsletter here.

Plan Ahead and Book Early

If there was ever a time to plan ahead and book early, this is it. The earlier you book, the more options and peace of mind you’ll have. Look into different traveling options when it comes to flights, car rentals and accommodations. Consider also using travel apps or price alerts when planning to save money and to lighten the travel planning load.

If we’ve learned anything from the past couple of years, it’s that it is necessary to place importance on our mental health and wellbeing. Take those vacation days off and use them towards your next adventure in Chickasaw Country. To learn more about National Plan for Vacation Day, please click here.

Safe travels!


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