Back in the Saddle Again

Hi, friends! Katie here!

About 20 minutes north of Ardmore sits one of Chickasaw Country’s most unassuming towns. Home to two churches, about 160 people and Sonny’s Grill and Country Store is Gene Autry, Oklahoma.

If you take a few windy roads and head up a hill, you’ll find the most well known location in Gene Autry, The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum. When I visited last weekend for the Gene Autry Dallas Fan Club road trip, I was floored by the amount of collectibles that fill the former school building. The day was full of fun and entertainment: tap dancers, baton twirlers, comedy acts and, of course, country and western singers. There was an unveiling of two new signs, which you can see in the pictures above and below, and lots of getting to know some of Gene Autry’s biggest fans.

What most probably don’t know about the museum is that it’s home to more than just memorabilia of the singing cowboy. You can find more about the history of the town, like the town has had three different name, a vintage camera collection and antique toys. 

Most recently added to the museum are the Traveling Exhibits that are currently displayed. Handcrafted quilts can be found around the school gym turned auditorium along with metal work designed by those who created one of the brand new signs. Lastly, you can find some of the private leather collection of Jim Linnell of Tandy Leather.

My day in Gene Autry was one for the books. I hope you’ll find some time to visit the museum and learn more about the town’s namesake. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the museum is more than just a tribute to Gene Autry but to a whole era of life and singing cowboys! 


- Katie



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