A town with a sweet history

Small town festivals are our specialty in Chickasaw Country. I know that most of them happen in the warmer months, but there’s one happening on Dec. 5 that I think you all will be excited to learn about: the Minco Honey Festival!

This year’s Minco Honey Festival is extra special because it marks the 25th year and the 80th anniversary of Clover Bloom Honey (also known as the Ross Honey Company).

I recently chatted with Jamie Ross, whose parents are the owners of Ross Honey Company to learn more about bees, the process of making honey and why you shouldn’t miss this year’s festival!

Caroline: First things first, how many bees does it take to make a regular jar of honey?
Jamie: It takes 550 bees visiting 2.5 million blossoms to make only 1 pound of honey, which is pretty remarkable to say the least.

C: How long has your family been in the honey business?
J: Clover Bloom was started in 1935 by my grandfather and one of his business partners. After my grandfather’s business partner went to WWII, my grandfather purchased the business from him and moved it to Minco in 1945. Then in 1974 my parents got married and began working in the family business and took it over in the 1980s.

C: I know that this is a big anniversary year for the Minco Honey Festival and the Ross Honey Company, but why else should people come out to this year’s event?
J:  This year the Ross Honey Company has compiled a honey cookbook with recipes from our family, friends and townspeople. That will be for sale at the event along with the coveted honey candy, honey sticks and gift baskets. There will also be tours of the Honey Company, the Great Plains Cotton Gin and the wind turbines, along with shopping, arts and crafts, food vendors and more!

I’ve got a hankering for honey after all this Minco Honey Festival talk! I loved getting to learn more about this staple event from Jamie and can’t wait to attend on Dec. 5. I’ll see y’all there!



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