A Rivalry Renewed

Nine miles. 

That’s all it takes to divide Murray County, Oklahoma each September. Once a year the distant Arbuckles tremble with the intensity of a feud that has raged with passion for generations, and it’s known by three words. 

Murray County Bedlam.

Murray Bedlam

Sons, fathers, uncles and grandfathers have all fought for their side. Sweat, blood and tears of joy and defeat have been shed on the finely-manicured grass that represents the epicenter of each town's passion for the pigskin.

Young men will meet on the gridiron for the 86th edition of this rivalry. Young men that represent the determination, perseverance and pride of an entire population. Young men that will carry the weight of their community into battle when the lights come on at Agee Field in Sulphur.

For 88 years this rivalry has been played out on the gridiron. At 7 on September 13, when a week’s worth of festivities, trash talk and nerves reach a boiling point, we’ll find out which of these tradition rich programs owns this stretch of Highway 7.

It’s Davis vs. Sulphur.

It’s #MCBedlam.


(Originally published on September 8, 2016. Updated on August 26, 2019.)





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