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Celebrate The Spring Season At The Chickasaw Cultural Center!

The annual Three Sisters Spring Celebration at the Chickasaw Cultural Center will take place from March 9th through March 22nd! This year's festival will feature many fun outdoor activities, with an emphasis on the cultural connection to horticulture. During this festival, homage is given to the “Three Sisters” (corn, beans, and squash), as well as the rebirth and rejuvenation of spring. An ancient method of gardening, “Three Sisters” uses a simultaneous intercropping system to grow corn, beans, and squash, which provides long-term soil fertility and healthy crops of food. Horticulture-related activities including preparing a garden, planting tips, cultivating crops and preparing food will be offered at the festival. Cultural demonstrations and performances by the Living History players will take place under the arbors in the traditional village. Other activities include language lessons, stomp dance, stick ball, traditional games, storytelling and an educational presentation of tribal clothing.

Event Times:
Sunday - Saturday (March 9th - March 22nd)

For more information, contact the Chickasaw Cultural Center at (580) 622-7130.

Best of Chickasaw Country Finalist 2014

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