“Imprinting the West”- a Mid-America Arts Alliance Exhibit

A traveling exhibit from Mid-America Arts Alliance, “Imprinting the West: Manifest Destiny, Real and Imagined” will be on display. This exhibit features 48 hand-colored engravings and lithographs that explore these depictions and the influence artists had on the perception of the wild west. The works featured in Imprinting the West explore the potent imagery of the time that shaped how the American Indians and the west were understood. Westward expansion in the nineteenth century was intertwined closely with the experiences of American Indian peoples. There is a regular admission fee to see this exhibit. For information, call 580-252-6692 or visit our Facebook page.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is a National Day of the Cowboy “Cowboy Keeper Award” winner, Oklahoma’s Outstanding Attraction (OTIA Redbud) and a True West Top Ten Western Museum.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
1000 Chisholm Trail Parkway
Duncan, OK 73533