Echo Canyon Spa Resort: The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

By Brooke Clay Attention everyone who has yet to buy a present for Mother’s Day. Yes, I’m looking at you! Mother’s day is this Sunday!

Luckily for you, we’re in the middle of a wonderful sweepstakes contest. Yes, you guessed it! A Mother’s Day contest!

Last week, the four tires on my car (a three- tired car would be a sight, mind you) took me the hour and fifteen minutes south of Oklahoma City to Sulphur, which happens to be home to Echo Canyon Spa Resort, the number one ranked spa resort in Oklahoma.

The mosaic tile walkway leads to a beautiful resorts specializing in romantic, luxury lodging and five-star dining.

This is where you say, "I’m listening."

The Baron of the Beef Restaurant serves prime cuts of meat and uses fresh herbs from its own gardens. And, yes, I saw the gardens… it’s the real deal, friends.

Each suite overlooks Echo Canyon, which is exactly where you’ll want to begin your day before being pampered at the award winning, island-inspired day spa. Offering more than 100 treatments, the spa (which happens to be adjacent to an extremely handsome bar area) is perfect for romantic couples, a girls’ weekend or better yet a Mother’s Day present!

If I could have hidden this prize from you and kept it to myself, I would have. I’m not proud of that, but it’s the truth. The luxurious accommodations were screaming my name! It would have been me, my imported bed, Jacuzzi and the most recent episode of Real Housewives of does-it-really-matter?

This contest is open until noon Thursday, May 10, 2012. Don’t waste any more time – enter right now!