Top 5 Pizza Places in Chickasaw Country

Is there really anything better than pizza? Think of those cheesy, piping hot, perfect slices waiting to be devoured. You just can’t beat pizza. Next time you have a hankering for pizza think Chickasaw Country first. All of these pizza places below are deserving of a road trip – not joking, I don’t play about my pizza.

Baker’s Pizza

Look for a plane sticking out of a roof and you know you’ve found Baker’s Pizza in Maysville! This pizza place is located in the home of Wiley Post and is known far and wide for their delicious creations. If you’re looking for an out of the box pizza pie try the BBQ Chicken Pizza!

Jo’s Famous Pizza

Some say after you have Jo’s Famous Pizza in Purcell, you’ll forever be disappointed in any other pizza you eat. I can’t really blame them for saying that. This hidden gem is the perfect place to stop if you’re traveling on I-35. Make lunch plans to enjoy their lunch specials!

Ten Star Pizza Kitchen

Owned and operated by a pizza-loving husband and interior-decorating wife, Ten Star Pizza Kitchen in Ardmore is crafting some of the best pizzas around south-central Oklahoma. Ten Star Pizza Kitchen is a local favorite and should be on the top of any visitor’s list when they’re in Ardmore. I would try the Ten Star Cheese Bread before digging into your pizza!

Papa's Pizzeria

If buffets are your thing then Papa’s Pizzeria in Lone Grove is just the place for you! Expect fresh salads and hot pizza waiting for you on their buffet! If you do not want to tempt yourself with a buffet you can order a pan pizza. You may come for the pizza but you’ll stay for the customer service!

Tribe Pride Pizza

You could say this pizza joint is a fan of their hometown team, and you could say that the town is a fan of the Tribe Pride Pizza. Located in Comanche, Tribe Pride Pizza will blow any chain pizza restaurant out of the water. Just a quick jaunt from Duncan, you can’t miss this pizza place.

Talking about all this pizza makes me want to hit the road for some cheesy bread, a handcrafted pizza and some ranch to dip it in! Next time you dine in Chickasaw Country be sure to use #routeCC and you and your dinner can be featured on our social channels!

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