The Pink and Orange Building in Ardmore

Holy Moly! When I drove up to the Cloverleaf, I immediately fell in love! Everywhere I looked it was PINK! A pink building, pink decorations, pink clothing… literally everything was pink! Before walking through the front door, I knew I would absolutely love this place.

Walking in, I was greeted by two of the cutest dogs and a cat. The store was full of fun trinkets, clothing, shoes and jewelry. I didn’t think it could get any better, but after meeting the owner, Heidi Chapman, and staff, it definitely did, I was in love with the place, the people (and animals) and all of the gift ideas!  

Heidi loves to collect unique items to decorate her store with! She’s been going to “junk stores” for most of her life and has tons of antique decorations. She has big storage units behind the building full of all different types of stuff!

Click play on this video to explore the fun shopping at Cloverleaf in Ardmore!


Wasn’t that fun!  Of course I couldn’t leave without buying something. I now have new pink flamingo decorations in my kitchen!

If you’re looking for a fun shopping experience, I suggest you make a stop in Ardmore at the Cloverleaf. Take a photo when you’re there and share on social media with the #routecc hashtag!

Cheers to pink,



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