Styles of CC: The 3 French Hens

When I walked into The 3 French Hens in Duncan it wasn’t the cute clothes on display that caught my attention, it wasn’t the walls lined with rustic décor, it wasn’t even the smell of their custom made candles burning.

What struck me were the two sweet ladies sitting behind the counter waiting to help me enjoy my shopping experience! If their cute store on Main Street doesn’t pull you in (but I think it will) then the owners Betty and Carolyn will.

Get to know Betty and Carolyn in our latest Styles of Chickasaw Country video and see what The 3 French Hens is all about!

I hope you get to shop with The 3 French Hens because their entire store is just darling. I hope you enjoy the hospitality these two ladies are known for in Duncan! I know I can’t wait to go back.

Next time you’re shopping in Chickasaw Country share your trip with us using #routeCC and you could be featured!

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