One Final Road Trip through Chickasaw Country

Hi friends! Kalli here. 

I have some crazy road trip stories from growing up. I grew up in a family of six, and every summer we would take a road trip together. It didn’t matter if we were driving across the country or just driving through town, we were always making memories together!

When I was in 5th grade, my family took a summer trip through New Mexico. We were only a few hours from our destination when my dad decided he wanted to take the “scenic route” up a mountain. We turned off the interstate and started driving up the mountain. The safe paved road gradually turned into gravel and then it gradually turned into dirt! We were half way up the mountain when the car decided it had had enough and gave out.

So there we were, stuck on a dirt road on a mountain with no cell phone service, and this was long before the Find My Friends App! After hours on the mountain, a few friendly locals stopped and helped us. Everything ended up fine, we have a great story, and my dad (around 12 years later) has still not lived it down!

Summers are for making memories with your family and friends! So, jump in the car and grab a map because I’m about to show you the “scenic route” of Chickasaw Country!

Here are the top 6 road side stops to make on your next road trip through Chickasaw Country! You’re going to find the most unique and fun places that not everyone knows about!

1. Muffler Man Cowboy (Wynnewood, OK):  I’ve always loved cowboys, and this one is no exception. He was originally supposed to be featured in the movie “Twister”, but his scene was cut. Still a movie star in my book though! While you are in Wynnewood, stop by The Eskridge Hotel Museum and grab dinner at the Trails End BBQ and Grill


2. KFC Bucket (Davis, OK): That’s a lot of chicken! I love fried chicken, so this bucket was perfect because it’s bigger than me! You'll find this bucket on the side of the road in Davis! While there, you can also explore Turner Falls Park and eat dinner at Smokin’ Joes Ribs Ranch


3. Baby bison at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area (Sulphur, OK): What’s cuter than baby bison?! Stop by the CNRA for a picnic and see these cuties! While there, explore other areas of the CNRA and shop on Muskogee Street at the local stores

4. Frog Rock (Ada, OK): Originally the rock was made by Juanita Coulson in 1975 as a surprise for her husband who always said that rock looked like a frog. Now it stands along Highway 1 as a cute road mark. While in Ada, enjoy the summer sun at Wintersmith Park! It's the perfect place to cool off on a summer day. 

5. Hand and Butterfly Sculpture (Stratford, OK): Driving south of Stratford you will come across an awesome sculpture of a butterfly landing on the outstretched finger of a hand. It is simple and beautiful, especially against an Oklahoma blue sky. While you are exploring Stratford, stop by Uniques to shop for clothes and home decor. 



6. Dinosaur Roadside Ranch (Rush Springs, OK.): Be on the look out for dinosaurs when traveling past Rush Springs on Highway 81. The junkyard art collection has two huge dinosaurs, an assortment of smiley face-themed pieces, an airplane with a tin can man pilot and so much more! Check out this stop in August so you can attend the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival

Don’t forget to use #routecc while you travel to these fun places! I can’t wait to see all the fun pictures!

Happy road trippin',




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