Must Try Chickasaw Country Lunch Stops!

You’ve always heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while that may be true, where’s the love for lunch?

All throughout school and into the “adult” world, lunch has always been a time to socialize, a chance to build camaraderie with your classmates and work buddies. Let’s be honest, it’s a pivotal point in our day.

Take time to embrace the lunch hour! No more sad desks lunches, no more working straight through lunch! Next time you’re making lunch plans, make them in Chickasaw Country because lunch at these four stops is sure to satisfy!

Take exit 55 on I-35 and head east towards Davis! The first stop is Main Street Bistro! Under new ownership, this lunch stop is a local favorite. The Double Bacon BLT is to die for but  you honestly can’t go wrong with anything you order here!

Smack dab in the Ada Arts District is The Quart House*. This very popular eatery has a great variety of dishes, tasty ranch (you just can’t beat good ranch) and cute mason jar glasses! I’ve had the chicken wrap and you should, too!

Scout Café in Ardmore is an Instagrammers dream! Homemade pastries, and custom sandwiches and salads will keep you coming back day after day! If you need to eat on the run (but, this blog is about taking back the lunch break!) you can order online, but I suggest grabbing a table, snapping a few photos of your plate, and using #routeCC on your Instagram photos before digging in!

Jonny’s at Oak Tree should be on your bucket list when you visit Duncan! This is home cooking at it’s finest! Judging by so many people stopping in to grab a bite, there is not one bad thing on the menu. I got a classic – homemade chicken strips with homemade honey mustard. I hope you’re not drooling, but I would understand if you were.

Now you’re hungry, that means you need to make your way to Chickasaw Country to put a stop to those lunch break blues!

Happy lunching,



*Since the posting of this blog, this location has closed. 



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