It's been fun, Chickasaw Country.

With almost a year of traveling through Chickasaw Country together, it is with mixed emotions I tell you this is the beginning of the end of my days as your travel guide for Canvasing Chickasaw Country.

As many can attest, the life of a travel blogger and social media manager is one of the best jobs in the world. During the past year, I’ve fallen in love with boutiques, attractions, random festivals and become friends with so many through various social media properties.

Nothing makes my day more than walking into a venue and hearing, “Brooke is here!” Becoming a part of Chickasaw Country is what makes this job so wonderful.

I wouldn’t leave this job, or Oklahoma, for just anyone or anything. In fact, it would take someone special to sweep me away from the state that has given me memories, education, life lessons and adventures.

Nearly a year ago, actually the weekend before the launch of, I met the man I now know as my future husband. Shortly after our introduction, the man who stole my heart took a job doing what many would say is a dream job and relocated to Charlotte, NC.

Travis proposed to me on my birthday, 12-12-12, on a rock overlooking New York City’s Central Park. Knowing I would eventually join him in Charlotte, I spent the next few weeks in a haze of planning the year’s travel calendar, ignoring the obvious question “When are you moving?”

The relationships I’ve created with friends of Chickasaw Country have been the most important aspect of my decision regarding when to start packing boxes. Could I stay? Should I put off moving? It was a tough decision, but a position found me and I couldn’t’ say “no.”

Here’s the deal, friends, I’ve booked the U-Haul.

Yes, you heard correctly. If you believe I have the best job in the world – it’s now yours for the taking.

Note: I’m not handing this position off to just anyone. You must love social media, photography, rural Oklahoma, adventures and sometimes even deskwork.

Now Hiring: Travel blogger and social media manager.

Thank you for being the best community of travelers in the Milky Way. Without you this job wouldn’t be half as fun as it is.

I’m looking forward to these last few weeks of Canvasing Chickasaw country and finding your next great guide.




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