5 Must Try Places for Date Night

We’ve all been there. Your outfit has been decided, the car’s been cleaned, inside and out, you’ve checked your breath multiple times and pop in a mint for good measure.  You get in the car, look at each other and both ask, “Where should we go?” and then proceed to debate about where to eat.

Have no fear! I’m here to end the debate once and for all. I’ve rounded up five places throughout Chickasaw Country that you should try for your next date night!

Vintage 22 Wine and Dessert Bar: Found in Ada’s Arts District which is just a hop, skip and a jump away from East Central University, this wine and dessert bar is more than that. Vintage 22 has live jazz and blues music every other Monday, trivia night on Tuesday, live music every Friday night and open mic nights sprinkled in. Enjoy the entertainment while you sip on one of their signature drinks and you and your honey enjoy a handcrafted pizza.

Photo via Vintage 22 Wine and Dessert Bar Facebook page

Baron of Beef: This restaurant calls Echo Canyon Spa Resort in Sulphur home. One thing you can expect from Baron of Beef is quality. Since they only serve prime cuts of beef with the freshest ingredients, their quality is bar none. They even season their food with herbs grown in their own garden, talk about fresh. If you’re feeling fancy, this is your place!

Photo via Echo Canyon Spa Resort

Paw Paw’s Hamburgers: You’re probably thinking, “A hamburger joint for a date night?” When the hamburgers taste like Paw Paw’s does, it makes the date night list! This place has been in Chickasha for more than 40 years, and if that’s not a testament to its tastiness then I don’t know what is. I personally recommend ordering a side of tater tots. Yum!

Edamame: If you’re looking to venture out of your culinary norms, may I suggest giving Edamame in Ardmore a try? My pal and partner Chickasaw Country travel blogger Jared actually made a stop there this past year and thoroughly enjoyed one of the many sushi rolls they offer. To learn more about why Jared calls this a must try, click here

Mud Creek BBQ and Chili Company: You can’t have a list of great restaurants for date night in Chickasaw Country and not include a BBQ joint! Mud Creek BBQ in Ringling has been serving up and dishing out award winning BBQ since 1984. The husband and wife duo that own Mud Creek only use pecan wood to smoke and slow cook their delicious BBQ. I’m hungry already!

I hope your next date night you’re a man with a plan or a lady with a way and you don’t spend your date night trying to figure out where to spend your date night.

When you make your way to these delicious eateries be sure to share them with me using #routeCC and you could be featured. How fun would that be?!

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